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Android is a language understood by few billion devices across the world. We deliver the products that matter.


iOS is the language understood by mobile devices manufactured by Apple Inc - a leading technology giant. Niche is nice, isn't it?


This is a mobile app platform with provision to deliver apps for all the platforms - iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry etc.


PhoneGap is a web based mobile app development framework that works with web languages, simplifying the mobile app development further.


The classic and first programming language to score over a billion devices under its kitty. Java development is a universal method to achieve quality apps without much effort.


.NET is amongst the most popular language from the masters of the technological revolution - Microsoft. A widely used language for web and desktop app development.


Primarily a web development language, PHP is a programming language that started the era of easy to use/implement/understand languages, there has been no looking back since.

Ruby on Rails

Another gifted open source framework, with excellent web based support and evergrowing community interaction.


SharePoint a industry favorite collaberation platform and used to facilitate inter/intra sharing amongst peers and corporates, besides developmental usage for tools.


Often dubbed as the language spoken by few, understood by all, Python is an open source programming language widely used to develop cross platform web/desktop applications.


An open source e-commerce framework written in PHP back in 2011, Magento development still remains the industry favorite due to its robust and scalable architecture.


OpenCart is a PHP-based open source online store management system with MySQL database and HTML components. Spanning in multiple languages/currency and optimized cost app development.


WooCommerce is an open source plugin, often utilized by newly found businesses having a special cost optimization requirement. It is an allround efficient platform for the entrants in the e-commerce markets.


As evident from the name itself, it is an e-commerce framework developed in ASP.NET to facilitate smoother transactions amongst millions of devices already utilizing the raw power of .NET.


Another popular offering based on .NET, NopCommerce is an open source framework aimed for small to mid sized business looking forward to virtualize their businesses without incurring too much of resources.


Prestashop is a useful, efficient and reliable e-commerce platform developed in PHP with MySQL database management support, with more than 100 inbuilt features to meet various e-commerce requirements.


Drupal is industry leading content management system used to manage websites, admin panels and perform a lot of other web-admin functions.


WordPress is a web-standard CMS written in PHP and MySQL database as a server side plugin. Popular since its launch, with largest user base.


Umbraco is an open source ASP.NET-based content management system, with a beautiful, user-friendly interface, full support for your own .NET controls.


Another offering from the open-source world, DotNetNuke is a web application framework for creating, deploying and managing interactive websites.


An ASP.NET web content management platform developed by Telerik, and the only CMS to consider mobile development strategies by default.


Kentico is a comprehensive and proprietary web CMS aimed to create websites, stores, community forum sites and corporate intranets..


A revolutionary JavaScript based framework to build applications, reuse code and enable true platform independence for all apps.


An event driven, lightweight server side JavaScript based cross-platform runtime environment to execute JS code on the server.


A dynamic and flexible JS library to create interactive, vividly efficient and extremely resourceful view layers/UI of the web pages.

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