Surkus is an amazing mobile application, it is used mainly in newly opened restaurants and business to create their ideal crowed. With it, business can a strong appearance and show that they are hot commodities. Thanks to Surkus which allows them to make the perfect crowd.

Make a Wider Consumer Base

The application makes users get hand-picked by a casting agent such as an algorithm which sees at a person's age, location, style and also Facebook likes. Our work is just to match brands and business looking to acquire their ideal crowd and connect them with the person that is seeking some nice experience.

You can take it as matchmaker for business and customers. Surkus pose a potential threat to public relations firms and also the promoter who works to brand businesses on wider consumer base. This is the best marketing strategy people who have come on the market recently.

Many people wish to have such application, but they don't know how to get it, if you are one of them then don't worry, you are on the right place. Here, you will be provided every kind support, from making your imagination on paper to develop the same application.

  • - Event organize
  • - Get pay to join the event
  • - Create your own friend group
  • - Get notification for new event
  • - Create your own radius for event attend
  • - Get the request for event to attend

Utilize the Most Robust Payment Method

We take complete care for your security and this is why we go above and beyond to safeguard all personal as well as payment information.

Our team meticulously verifies the identity of every institute in record and try to utilize the most robust secure payment methods.

Get your most preferred application and start earning in the way that you like most. You will get us always active and working to make an improvement in our development service and in the present technology.

Technologies Used

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