Today, BSA Risk and Review is one of the fastest automated complaint BSA risk assessment and governance SaaS in the financial industry. The risk and review starts with a comprehensive BSA risk assessment which meets the standards of the BSA/AML Manual and the OCC money Laundering risk assessment after evaluating location, product, profile of customers and also a material operational area, which affects BSA risk.

Get the Idea to Control Risks

In the very first step we will source information about your AML policies and procedures, historical and present operational data, your customer tech. After it we will evaluate the AML related risks inherent in your operations and will get idea to control these risks.

You get many mitigating controls customized to high risk products, services and customers. This will calculate risk categorical and institutional risk after using its proprietary risk algorithm and delivers plain language reporting on every major aspect of BSA risk.

Detailed Documentation with Institutional Views

Our service contains detailed documentation ready to provide regulators with a granular and institutional views of BSA. So, to know regular changes and best practices in the current industry tries to be updated.

Overall, this Assessment, will give you a complete view of your institutional AML risk with the way where you have a higher risk.

  • - AML and OFAC Policies & Procedures
  • - Red Flag Program
  • - Previously Completed Risk Assessments
  • - List of Products and Services
  • - List of Customer Types
  • - General Ledger and/or Call Reports
  • - ACH Volume Reports
  • - Training Records
  • - Employee Turnover Records by Position and Location
  • - Records on SARs, CTRs, OFAC, and 314(a) reports
  • - Board Minutes<

Technologies Used

Here are the technologies we used in this Project

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