Coin Hunter has become the most famous and trusted name in the world of change checking and coin collecting. Here, customers are treated in the way they like. It is dedicated to bring you all important information that you need on coins in circulation.

An Ultimate Coin Hunting Game

So, play, swap and shop to enjoy the ultimate British coin hunt with Coin Hunter. You can find coins for your collection to order at the face value after playing the Coin Hunter App.

To be the part of Coin Hunter game, create your account and choose your avatar that you like most. You may change your username and your avatar when you want. GPS service allows your app to track your current location.

Fight and Win on Your Enemy

With this coin you can also purchase health potions and attack through weapons. The potions are sued to replenish your health when you are under attack, you can also battle other users after your attack weapons.

Take the invisibility potion so that your enemy cannot attack on you while collection the coins near you. If there are too many enemies near you, than you can buy a bomb and attack on all the enemies at once.

The Game app which allow user to hide and hunt their clue, there are two main aspect of the app,

  • 1) Treasure

    a. Treasure will hide the coin with some clue on the real world

    b. The clue can be indoor or outdoor

    c. The clue can be relate to some particular available in the real world

    d. The Treasure will get the double coin if any hunter will find his treasure

    e. The application is using argument reality

    f. The application will show the direction and hints on real world to help hunter

  • 2) Hunter

    Hunter has to find the clue or treasure

    Hunter will get the coin/price which is stored in specific treasure

    Hunter will have a direction help on the application navigation

    Application is using argumented reality to make app connected more to real world

    The app will have hints for the saved clue

    The app is having great piece of UX/UI

  • 3) Hunter/Treasure can buy the coin hunt T-Shirt or related stuff
  • 4) Cart and payment gateway being integrated in the app
  • 5) Payment gateway for both treasure/Hunter being integrated. It means user can buy or sell the item through the app.

Technologies Used

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