Three Reasons Not to Offshore Mobile App Development

Three Reasons Not to Offshore Mobile App Development

To take your business to the next level, thinking about building a mobile application is a good decision. For if, you need to consid3er whether to build the application in-house or outsource its development to other professional apart from your team.

Eager Developers in Foreign Countries

If you wish to put a mobile application on the market, but you don’t have capital, sending the development offshore then you may go on the wrong path. Support you the time to wade through thousand of web pages, you will be able to find many eager developers in foreign countries.

The amazing thing is that each professional will be promising to develop your app in the best low price.

Offshore Refers to Sourcing Developer and Other Resources

Offshore refers to sourcing developers and other resources from the region far away from the place of origin. For example, an Indian company outsource the service of the US company.

Right Companies Put the Real Effort

Offshoring is a judicious thing to do, it does come with its own set of issues and challenges. The most important and biggest issues is to find the right development partner or professional. You can identify the right one by looking for a company that puts the real effort into understand your app idea before giving a quote and timeline there after getting started with the project development.

Beware about the Dangers in Offshoring

This may be true that with the offshore services, you will get what you pay for. For companies that are looking to develop their mobile app, through offshore service can be cheaper, but they need to beware about the dangers as well. But, here are main three reasons not to offshore mobile app development that will make you understand who offshore service can cost you in the long run:

The Timing is a Big Problem

very first thing that creates a big problem for you is the timing issues. The different time zones make it difficult to deal with offshore developers, and there are some cultural clashes as well. You can see some of these clashes surface in areas of software interface designing. Many times, the app looked blocky and designed in a complete bad manner.

Different Office Timing Makes Service Useless

With the bad design quality of the application come down itself, that in this case is buggy, and made it totally useless. Lots of people have faced this problem that they couldn’t discuss with the programmer during project properly because of different official timing. Yes, this is very true that it is all about finding the right people, but time keeps matter while app development.

You May Face Some Security Issues

The rule and regulations of various countries don’t apply overseas, so when you hire an offshore developer and share your valuable information about your company with them there is no assurance that these will be saved. This is very true that depending on the level of the personal information you may be liable for breaching privacy in some of the foreign countries.

Have to Depend on the Mercy of Devloper Wish

Security issues are the important part when we are talking about the three reasons not to offshore mobile app development. One more thing that you need to consider when you are going to take an offshore service that if the project gets delayed, you will not able to use any kind of legal part. One of the worst things is that you will have to depend on the mercy of the developers wish.

So, don’t offshore your app developing because if you get any kind of problem, then you must not count on much support from the foreign law enforcement agencies to track down.

It’s Tough to Get the Right Developer

When you take decision to hire any professional to work for you. When it comes to talk about the three reasons not to offshore mobile app development, then finding the right person is an important point. This may be possible that while hiring a developer for your project you will have to deal with the middlemen and this makes it tough to contact that developer directly.

Sit Down Together and Going over the Bits is Always Better

The phone and email can be helpful, but having a meeting is different things. When you both sit down together and going over the bits that do work and the best way to carry any work ahead. When you hire the person who has the same culture and tradition than this is possible to keep things clean while working, and you will also have less doubts.

Competent Developer Offer You Continuous Support

Apart from the above three reasons not to offshore mobile app development there are many more reasons that make it clear that taking service from offshore is not a good decision. A competent developer is capable of helping you with the initial strategy and also proceeding to offer support during the whole project. When you take service from your own region, then the competent developer continuous offers you technical support to any issue whenever you need.

Cheaper Cannot Be Cost-effective

We are not saying that offshore development never works, but we just want to make it clear here that there are many problems who you take it. And these three reasons not to offshore mobile app developer can give you a solution. You must know what you are getting into before you get into it.

We accept that offshore mobile app development will cost you cheaper but you must think that the cheap option cannot be the cost-effective. But, it will cost you in the long run.

Same Cultural Person Will Not Create Any Issues

Overall, if you are considering hiring a developer or programmer for your mobile app development and this is always better to hire a developer based in your own country. Having same cultural, person will not create any kind of issue that you can face with offshore service.

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