The importance of branding an app

The importance of branding an app

If we say Kentucky Fried Chicken, chances you will ask again about the name are pretty high. However, if we say KFC with the smiling old man as its logo, you will have an instant connect. Your brand is a well thought out combination of your name, logo, products, app and your website. All these elements complete each other to bring you the success you aim for – sometimes a bit beyond that. When you build an app for your brand you need to take into account all the other factors that will make it even more efficient for bringing valuable customers for your business.Because the app tells the story of your brand, it represents the reason why you created your startup in the first place and what your company has to offer for its customers. Let us summarize you why and how you should brand your app

  • 1. Instant recognition: Your customer may forget your company’s official record name, official address however, one right connection of playful combination of logo and catchy words with accurate audience tapping – your brand is certain to make its presence known in the sea of opportunities.
  • 2.Technical Expertise: While it may be a debatable topic, but customers pour in the responses to your app or your brand, they usually go away with feedbacks and opinions. Those feedbacks if shared or coaxed to be shared humbly by the customer, result in improving a great deal of the application and overall user application which can have a direct impact on footfalls, on account of a “brand which listens” scenario.
  • 3. Design Tips –User is the king. This is coming from us, the industry veterans from last 8 years. Always develop your app with customers in crosshairs, because they are judges, the ones that will use your app, after all.
  • 4.Competitive Edge –It’s easier to remember a brand vs a company name. World knows Coca Cola At the same time, see what your competitors are up to, to understand where they succeeded and what elements aren’t so appreciated by customers. If you want to discover more about users – centric apps we recommend you to read an interesting article published on Think With Google on how the team behind Google Primer created the app concentrating all their strategy on users’ needs.
  • 5.The Sense of Belonging: In the words of Don Corleone, “Make them an offer, they can’t refuse”. Make your app your users’ favorite, give it an experience, design which one could never get enough of. Be attentive at the same time, with their feedbacks, problems with your app – showing that you care which will only increase their appreciation for your branding.

More such branding genius designs and apps tips straight from the market experts are available at Zenia Mobiles. Tune it to know more about it.

Developing Secure Mobile Applications

In sea of existing apps, a thousand other apps get added to the market each month. While few apps, get departed due to various reason but the number of outgoing apps is low. At the same time, thousands of crackers try to crack these app to phish for user information or implant malware or sabotage the subscription mechanism. That means your app’s revenue stream all but drying up. For developing secure mobile applications, the app developers have to be watchful about safety to protect users. Following are the key mistakes developers make while developing apps:

Using no external security mechanism: From plenty of app development platforms available, almost all of them are prone to security issues. Apple’s iOS platform is considered the most secure platform thanks to the screening process all apps go through before being approved for users. However, this doesn’t mean that all of Apple’s apps are secure, since the screening mechanism can’t check for every malicious program or person willing to break into.
In Android, users call the shots via reviews. If they downvote an app to bottom, it is automatically under the prying eyes of Google security. Both the processes have their faults, showing you can’t blind trust any app platform to protect your users.

Reusing Code: Saving efforts via freely available code certainly makes sense and developers would love that, right? Only sometimes, hackers hide the code hoping the money driven app developers will give their code a shot to be used in their apps.

This is not to discourage code utilization but do it with prudence and ensuring no security hassles are created later on.

Skipping Security Testing: A famous Indian food brand retailer was on their toes, when user data of over 10 million customers was leaked broad on the internet. This is a nightmarish situation for you as an entrepreneur. As the app developer, you’re the soldier of both – your destiny and your app’s. Releasing an insecure app might results in lawsuits, legal hassles which can cut short the dream run you were planning on having. Take your time in duly testing the app for the security features.

Slow updates and patches: With dynamicity of technological advancement, developer who are lax to releasing updates to their apps, are the ones who usually end up putting their customer data at prime risk. Merely completing the app development is not all of it. Hackers are exactly in lookout for developers like these who don’t release security patches, and then feed on these security loopholes. Also remember, there is no scope for error if the app involves things like credit cards and personal information. Make the required protections to defend your app and its users.

Developing a secure mobile app is actually an underrated task often overlooked by most. To make your apps robust, through with secure plugins and checks, contact Zenia mobile to know how we do it the way it is meant to.

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