How to Hire a Mobile App Developer for Android / iOS App in 2018 [Must Read Guide]

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer for Android / iOS App in 2018 [Must Read Guide]

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer to Build your Android / iOS App in USA

How to Choose Best Mobile App Developer For Your Business

Our mobile application developers on hire give rich and versatile smartphone applications. When you hire our mobile application developer from Zenia mobile, you get the flexibility to contract devoted smartphone application developer from our pool of committed resources. We have seen a wide range of failed projects come our way because of the wrong individual or group being chosen. Choosing to work with a freelancer, offshore developer, small studio, or full-service agency relies upon factors like preference, spending plan, and your own particular abilities. All things considered, there are some more universal considerations when endeavoring to hire any of the resourceful people for your next application project.

Hire a mobile app developer by consideration of these universal factors:

  • Diverse App Portfolio: The most essential component in picking a versatile mobile app developer is their application portfolio. Locate a versatile mobile app developer who inspires you with the nature of their applications. Download them, utilize them yourself for a timeframe, and request that the developer to step you through how they were made. We have a whole section on our site devoted to flaunt our work. Involvement in a specific industry or with a comparable list of the feature set is clearly a positive note towards being selected.
  • Master in Mobile App Skills: There’s a whole other world to an application than code. Understand that when we propose searching for a designer who has some expertise in all parts of mobile advancement, we mean all parts of making an application. This incorporates balanced skill in coding, designing, product administration, promoting, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The individuals who can enable you to consider building a business, not only an application, are essentially more important than the individuals who simply code. These less specialized abilities may incorporate a business system, advertising, raising assets from financial specialists, and copywriting, just to name a bunch. On the off chance that a potential mobile developer has a demonstrated reputation and strong portfolio, they likely have a tight procedure. In any case, you should set aside the opportunity to comprehend that procedure and what will be expected of you particularly.
  • Functioning and coordinating with an App Developer: It’s vital to ensure you and your developer to have the capacity to function admirably together. In our own particular hiring process, we invest a considerable measure of energy ensuring each expansion to the Zenia mobile group isn’t just gifted and a resource for our aggregate skill, yet a persevering, carefree colleague who fits our organization’s qualities and objectives. Amid the screening procedure, survey how you feel when talking with a potential developer. Check whether they set aside the opportunity to disclose things to you and match the eagerness for your thoughts. They ought to dependably listen first, but on the other hand, it’s imperative that they give definite criticism.
  • Application Pricing and Terms: The cost of an application relies upon the multifaceted complexity and a list of features of the application. We broadly expound on the spending plan/ the budget required in building an application and what can affect the cost. Watch out for developers that drive the course of timeline and cost below the average. You’ll see that with minimal effort alternatives, particularly when managing offshore development that you get what you pay for. What’s more, here and there the additional pain of less experienced or uncommunicative developers isn’t justified regardless of the discount on the cost of an app.

Need to start a mobile app development agency? Looking to hire mobile app developers?

Read these do’s and don’ts:


  • Don’t: Limit your choices with local developers.
  • Do: Keep your choices open.
  • It’s regular practice to incline toward working with smartphone app developers within your region, yet it’s not optimal to confine your decisions to nearby mobile app developers. This is particularly valid in case you have a hard time to discover the type of developer you require locally.
  • There is a proficient mobile application developer’s off-shore that can carry out the activity for you. Regardless of whether you’re attempting to enlist locally or you don’t have the assets starting at now to construct your mobile application development agency, outsourcing is an extremely savvy elective. You get the opportunity to pick mobile phone developers from a fundamentally more extensive ability pool while setting aside on operational expenses.


  • Don’t: Choose cost over skills.
  • Do: Prioritize quality
  • It’s vital to consider the costs while employing mobile application developers or outsourced developers groups. Nonetheless, as you need to manufacture a vigorous mobile application, don’t wrongly hire developers who charge uncommonly low costs or the individuals who ask the great high cost.
  • As opposed to concentrating on the costs, put the abilities and skill you’re searching for first. On the off chance that you need a senior-level mobile developer with a specific range of abilities to chip away at your product, discover one and be prepared to pay in like manner.
  • In case you’re searching for mobile app development firms and outsourcing agencies, it’s wise to think about the costs of the services they offer. Research well to maintain a strategic distance from the dangers and additional expenses of working with low-quality developers.


  • Don’t: Give vague necessities.
  • Do: Tell them what you truly require.
  • After you’ve hired your mobile app developer, you can’t anticipate that they will begin coding immediately. Regardless of how awesome or experienced they will be, they have to know and comprehend your business and your prerequisites first for them to have the capacity to convey the mobile application you need.
  • Converse with them and ensure they comprehend your desires. Smartphone app developer’s applications can be mind-boggling in nature, so short your developer well and give them an opportunity to comprehend everything. At whatever point conceivable, request their contributions too and energize coordinated effort and exchanges.


  • Don’t: Disregard the product lifecycle.
  • Do: Consider the eventual future of your application.
  • Mobile application development is a constant procedure—it doesn’t stop when the application is at last propelled available. After your application’s launch, you have to keep your developer’s group unblemished for future redesigns and bug fixes. A fruitful mobile application development is one that stays aware of the most up to date changes. You have to ceaselessly improve your application by adding new highlights or tuning in to your clients’ recommendations.


  • Don’t: Hire developers with no related experience.
  • Do: Consider past work involvement.
  • Building a mobile application is essentially less demanding with developers who have taken a shot at comparative mobile applications previously. Amid the screening procedure, focus on your competitors’ past work encounters. What sort of versatile applications development have they taken a shot at previously? Is their business like yours? Have they worked in a similar industry?
  • Procuring a mobile app developer with learning’s in your industry, market, and client conduct can contribute strikingly amid the improvement.


  • Don’t: Disregard the significance of UI/UX
  • Do: Look for solid UI/UX skills
  • The best mobile applications developers today are those worked with the UI/UX configuration taken into awesome thought. These applications can draw in clients in view of its simple to-explore interface and cool looks.
  • This is the reason it’s crucial for you to search for solid UI/UX abilities while procuring mobile app developers. You’d need a versatile application that gives your end-clients a wonderful experience when utilizing your application. You’d need an interface that will enable you to brand your image name, enhance your brand, and produce more activity and income. You can’t do this without the assistance of a UI/UX master.
  • In the event that your organization doesn’t have a mobile application yet, you could be passing up a great opportunity for a competitor to take advantage of new income streams. Cell phones and tablets are the places the present customers live. In the event that you’d like a mobile application to be developed – you’ll have to hire an accomplished developer you trust to custom it. But before you do that, you can try our App cost calculator to get an estimate of the app you desire to build.

Mobile App cost calculator:

One last thing before you hire an mobile app developer.

Here are 10 key things to ask mobile application developer to enable you to pick the correct one:

  • Where would I be able to discover the applications you’ve created?
  • May I have a list of your present and past customers?
  • What sort of smartphone do you use?
  • How can my application make money?
  • How will we communicate amid the development procedure?
  • What sort of features would you be able to make?
  • Who will claim the mobile application?
  • How will you test my application?
  • Will you present my application to the app store?
  • What are your charges and payment terms?

Well, that’s how you will hire a mobile app developer. But have you considered the factors that can influence the cost to hire a mobile app developer? Look further, as we have covered all the points that one may look for to hire a mobile app developer.

Here are a couple of analogies that will make it simpler for you to know the cost to hire a mobile app developer.

  • Think about the scope of your project: The coder needs to invest for a really long time drafting line after line of code, like the author who invests hours composing content. By and large, there’s dependably a lot of time to consider. Basically, in case you’re on a constrained spending plan, you’ll have to disentangle the procedure, whereby you’ll center around one essential component. Be set to actualize current interface outlines, the prior code that may be accessible through open source so the application developer can execute it into the application. Note that many open source tests of code might be found on different code vault sites. The final product is like an insignificantly down to earth item, whereby it empowers you to affirm your thought and to likewise precisely assess if there’s sufficient interest for your specific application keeping in mind the end goal.
  • The region of your designer will likewise decide costs: An extraordinary aspect concerning a few stages is that they offer the opportunity to enlist experienced and skilled developers from specific economies where the general average cost for basic items may fundamentally be not the same. For example, an experienced application developer situated in one of Australia’s significant urban areas, for example, Sydney, will expect in any event $150 every hour. Of course, an accomplished application developer dwelling in Belarus or Russia will probably charge considerably less than the designer in Australia at $50-$60 every hour since their general everyday costs are significantly lower.
  • Distinctive classifications and stages impact hiring costs for an application developer.: The accompanying data perceives some extremely prominent sorts of applications in light of their classification and also the assessed number of hours that everyone will probably take a capable application developer to concoct for either an Android or iPhone device.
  • Basic App: Built utilizing drop down menus and formats.
    Assessed time to assemble: 100 hours.
  • Database-Supported App: Data put away on a database/server coordination and utilizes a BaaS (Backend as a Service) Assessed time to assemble: 190 hours.
  • Enterprise App: Built for business reconciliation and the information is put away on the gadget. Assessed time to fabricate: 230 hours.
  • Entertainment App: Built for both single and multiplayer, and so forth. Assessed time to fabricate: 500 hours in addition


An endnote in hiring an app developer.

The working relationship with your developer will probably keep going you long past the underlying 4-6 months it takes to convey your v1.0 application to the application stores. Set aside some opportunity to research and converse with a developer before choosing whom to work with. Search for mobile app developers with proof of application achievement and as the shifted range of abilities expected to address all parts of application development. Be that as it may, keep in mind to depend a little on your gut and individual inclination while picking a developer. This developer needs to not exclusively be a solid match for your business, yet for you too.


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